Doctor Crowe Has Found a Publisher + Kickstarter/Project Info!

Now that the dust is settled and the ink on the publishing contracts is dry — I can officially announce that 215 Ink has agreed to published Doctor Crowe!

The goal is for Doctor Crowe to be published as a 4-issue mini series and eventually collect the series in trade. It will be available digitally via Comixology and Kindle in the near future. However, I will be launching a Kickstarter in the coming weeks to help fund a small print run of the first issue as well as cover the remaining production costs that I can no longer afford to pay out of pocket.

“So, what exactly is this Doctor Crowe mini-series all about anyways?”

Doctor Crowe is a 4-issue mini-series that follows the story of Dr. Victor Crowe, an infamous adventuring scientist; expert on the occult and an all-around pulp hero who uses advanced technologies to battle gruesome, supernatural terrors across the globe. Issue #1 features four seperate, serial anthology-style adventures that pits Dr. Crowe and his allies against unique, otherworldly threats that must be eliminated at all costs!

These adventures include:

Beneath the Black: Dr. Crowe and Nora, his rough-and-tumble sidekick, venture into the unforgiving swamps in search of the legendary bogmen — creatures from the black who feed on the life force of their unsuspecting victims.

Wretched: After a secluded mountain village in is inexplicably overwhelmed by a mysterious plague, Dr. Crowe is summoned to investigate the horrific catastrophe and battle the monstrous fallout.

The Lost Coven: Wounded and left for dead, Dr. Crowe and Ajax, his loyal canine companion, encounter a mysterious traveling vagabond. Dr. Crowe recounts the story of how he ended up in this precarious position and the coven of witches that seemingly bested him.

Dreamwaker: Dr. Crowe is forced to enter the lucid dream state of a comatose boy and battle a ghastly dreameater that is wreaking havoc on the boy’s consciousness.

“That sounds cool, but who worked on this book besides you?”

I have been very fortunate enough to assemble some of my talented artist, colorist and letterer friends to help bring Doctor Crowe #1 to life. These creators have been published by, among others, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, IDW Publishing, Boom! Studios, Black Mask Studios and Zenescope.

Here’s a break down of the team and the individual Doctor Crowe adventure that they worked on:

Artist/Co-creator: Matt Horak (The Covenant)
Colorist pgs. 1-5: Doug Garbark (DC Comics: Bombshells, Hitman: Agent 47)
Colorist pg. 6: by Mark Dale (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter)
Letterer: Nic J. Shaw (The Fix, 12 Reasons to Die)

Beneath the Black
Artist: Tony Gregori (Imaginary Drugs)
Colorist: Joshua Jensen (Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories)
Letterer: Micah Myers (Grimm Fairy Tales)

The Lost Coven
Artist: Karim Whalen (Six) artist
Colorist: Laura Lee (Starburn) colors
Letterer: Micah Myers (Grimm Fairy Tales)

Artist: Tony Gergori (Imaginary Drugs)
Colorist: Joshua Jensen (Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories)
Letterer: Taylor Esposito (Batman, Dectective Comics)

“And I’m totally ready for the Kickstarter. When is it launching?”

I’m still working out all the kinks. My best estimate is mid-September, but I won’t be rushing into launching this beast until I am 100% comfortable in saying that I’m ready. Regardless, when the Kickstarter does launch, I’m sure that you’ll see me posting about it on Twitter and Facebook for 30 days non-stop.

In other words, you won’t be able to miss it.



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